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Rules and Regulations


  1. The name of the club shall be “The Kamala Club, Singapore” and shall hereinafter be referred to as “The Club


  1. The objects of the club shall be:
    (a) The association is a social club of women irrespective of race, religion or nationality.
    (b) To encourage the social, cultural and charitable activities of the members in particular and women in general.


  1. All women above 18 years of age residing in Singapore shall be eligible for membership.
  2. The membership of the club shall consist of ordinary, life and honorary members.

Life Members

  1. An Ordinary member shall be eligible to become a Life member on payment of a sum of $300.
  2. An Ordinary/Life member shall have the right to vote and hold office.

Honorary Members

  1. The Management Committee may invite any well-wisher of the Club to be an Honorary Member with no voting rights.

Admission of Members

  1. Every candidate eligible for admission of membership, except honorary membership, shall sign the form provided for such purpose and be proposed and seconded by an Ordinary or Life Member.
  2. All applications for membership may be considered accepted or rejected at any meeting of the managing committee, hereinafter provided for by a majority vote of the members present and their decision shall be final.
  3. Upon payment of an entrance fee to be determined by the Managing Committee, she shall be a member and shall be entitled to all benefits and privileges of the Club.
  4. All subscriptions are payable in advance annually in January.


  1. Should any member fail to pay her annual subscription for one year consecutively, notice will be sent and if she does not respond within fourteen (14) days, she shall cease to be a member forthwith without any further notice.


  1. A notice to any member sent by post to her address as entered in the register of members shall be considered to be duly considered five (5) days following the date of posting.


  1. The Management Committee of the Club shall be vested in the hands of sixteen (16) members – President, First vice-President (who is the immediate past President), Second Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Assistant Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Assistant Honorary Treasurer, and nine (9) members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  1. At all Committee meetings the President of the Club shall take the Chair or in her absence, one of the Vice-Presidents.

Honorary General Secretary

  1. The Honorary General Secretary shall convene meetings as directed by the President or at the written request of any five (5) other Committee Members. She shall keep full and correct minutes of the proceedings and shall be responsible for the Club.

Assistant Honorary General Secretary

  1. The Honorary Assistant General Secretary shall generally assist the Honorary General Secretary and shall act for her in her absence.

Honorary Treasurer

  1. The Honorary Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Club duty supported by vouchers and shall

make up the annual Statement of Account and Balance Sheet of the Club to the 30th of September in each year which shall, after audit, be circulated amongst the members together with the notice of the Annual General Meeting. She shall not keep more than Dollars Five Hundred only ($500) as cash in hand. The banking account of the Club shall be operated jointly by the Honorary Treasurer and the President.

Assistant Honorary Treasurer

18a. The Assistant Honorary Treasurer shall generally assist the Honorary Treasurer and shall act for her in her absence. She shall not sign any cheques or operate the banking account of the Club.

Committee Meetings

  1. The Committee shall meet once in two months to draw up programmes of activities for the Club. Minutes of the proceedings at such meetings shall be recorded in full.


  1. Five members of the Committee in addition to two office bearers shall form a quorum for Committee Meetings.
  1. Any member of the Committee absenting herself from three consecutive meetings without explanation satisfactory to the Committee shall cease to be a member thereof.

Powers of the Managing Committee

  1. The Committee shall have the control of the finances of the Club, power to engage, control and dismiss club’s servants and all such administrative powers as may be necessary for properly carrying out the objects of the Club in accordance with these rules.
  2. The Committee may from time to time appoint from amongst their members any sub-committee (with power to co-opt ordinary members as they may deem necessary or expedient) and may delegate to them such of the powers of the Committee as the Committee may determine. Such Sub-Committees shall submit their report to the Committee.

Annual General Meeting

  1. The Annual General Meeting to be held annually on the last Saturday of January. Managing Committee shall be elected for a two-year term.

Extraordinary General Meeting

  1. The Committee may at any time for any special purpose call a Special or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting and shall be bound to do so on receiving a requisition in writing signed by not less than one-tenth (1/10th) of the members or twenty (20) members whichever is the less, stating the purpose for which the meeting is required.
  1. At all General Meetings of the Club, the President and in her absence one of the Vice-Presidents,

shall take the Chair. If, however, all three of them be absent, the Meeting shall elect a Chairperson. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote.


  1. The Quorum at any General Meeting shall be one-tenth (1/10th) of the members or twenty (20) members whichever is the less. If, however, a Quorum is not obtained at a General Meeting, the Meeting shall be postponed and held with the same Agenda on a date fixed by the members present. The number of members present at such meeting shall constitute a quorum and business transacted at such meeting shall be binding on all members. For such meeting, two clear days’ notice shall be considered sufficient.


  1. Every Ordinary or Life member present shall be entitled to one vote on every resolution and in case of equality of votes, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.


  1. No resolution shall be moved at any Annual, Special or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting, unless written notice thereof shall have been sent to the Honorary General Secretary not less than seven (7) days in the case of Ordinary, and two (2) days in the case of Special or Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.


  1. The accounts shall as soon as practical after the end of the financial year (September) be audited by a firm of auditors who shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. A member may at any time, by giving written notice to the Honorary General Secretary, resign her membership of the Club but shall continue to liable for any subscription or debt due and unpaid at the date of her resignation.


  1. If the conduct of any member be such in the opinion of the Committee as to endanger the reputation or the good order of the Club or if any member shall appear to the Committee to have wilfully acted contrary to the rules and constitution of the Club, the Committee, on their own resolution carried by two-third (2/3) majority at a meeting at which at least half of the members of the Committee are present may expel such member provided always that previous special notice shall have been given to such member that such conduct would be brought before a meeting so that she may have the option of explaining her conduct or withdrawing from the Club. A person so expelled shall not thereafter be eligible to be a member of the Club.
  1. Every member of the Club shall communicate to the Honorary General Secretary any change of address and all notices posted to that address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered on the day following the date of posting.


  1. The general body may elect any person to be the Patroness of the Club.


  1. If at a General Meeting a resolution for amalgamation with or absorption into any other club be moved, and such resolution be first passed by a simple majority of members present and ratified by a resolution with two-third (2/3) majority at a meeting held not earlier than one (1) month thereafter where at least fifty (50) percent of the members are present, the Committee shall arrange to effect the amalgamation or absorption in terms of the said resolution.


  1. If at any General Meeting, a resolution for dissolution be passed by a majority of members present and such resolution be confirmed by a majority of two-third (2/3) of the members voting thereon, at a Special General Meeting held not less than two (2) months thereafter at which not less than one-half (1/2) of the members shall be present, the Committee shall thereupon arrange to hand over the net assets of the Club, after discharging all liabilities to any other institution having similar objects or to a charitable institution decided by the general body at such meeting.

Interpretation of Rules

  1. The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and of the bye-laws and regulations made thereunder and their decision on any question of interpretation shall be final.

Amendment of Rules

  1. These rules may be added to, appealed or amended by resolution at any Ordinary, Special or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting, provided that no such resolution shall be deemed to be passed, unless it be carried by a majority of two-thirds (2/3) of the members voting thereon.

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